16th Apr 2014 Tori Tori Bird play at Bank


- From the Event -

I’m happy to tell you that one of London’s best kept secrets is being unveiled!

Hidden away 50foot underground this venue keeps itself very much to itself ….*BUT*….a brand new night is being launched where you can come and chill at The Secret Rec Room @Eight Members Clubs on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

With Live band, DJs, Free Pool, a seriously well stocked bar and plenty of sofas this is the best place in town for a midweek chill-out!


(Join event to get on it. First come first served)!!!!



2014 Feb 3rd

2014 Feb 3rd Tori Tori Bird will play at the Finsbury Pub (Manor House) ///

The baby pencils

The baby pencils

Tori Tori Bird live at the union chapel

Gig video from live at the union chapel

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4 months ago

21.11.2013 Tori Tori Bird GIG at Servant Jazz Quarters


Jim Lasbury: Daylight Music Sept 2013 &emdash;

More gig on 21st Sep at the Union Chapel

We will play at the beautiful Union Chapel, 21st Sep Saturday lunch time! please come and join us xxx


Updated Gig dates

Sep.06 at The White Lion /
Oct.09 at The Bedroom Bar /
Nov.21 at The Jazz Quarters supporting Buzzard Lope’s Album Launch party



July GIG

16th July, we headlining at the Finsbury pub! 

/// Review of “Quiet go round” ///


We had sweet review about our album, thank you! Have a look from here, Oliver Arditi Music News xxx

May Gig

Hello! May 16th, we play at the Pipeline. 94 Middlesex St, London E1 7DA.
open 7pm, on stage 8:30pm, Free entry

Here, behind the scene of Birds’ song Music Video. Its all made by stop motion and each birds were moved one by one with love.